Natural Ways To Control Fleas On Pets And Around The House

How to deal with flea and ticks naturally?  

It is all about flea control.  The bad news you will not get rid of all fleas and ticks in your yard, home and pet.  It is about controlling the problem.

Here are a few natural steps to setup a flea and ticfleas and ticks on dogsk control:





Your dog and cat
They need a good bath (you best friend may think differently but they will thank you).  Once dry you can use a natural flea and tick spray like A Dog Named Snowy Flea and Tick Spray.

Pet Bedding
Wash pet bedding.  Between washings you can use A Dog Named Snowy Flea and Tick Spray.  Just spot treat a small area.  It will give you pets bed a nice cedar scent.

Inside The Home 
Fleas and ticks will find a home in your carpet, coacher and other areas of your home.  They know there is a free meal just waiting.  You can use the Flea and Tick spray on all these areas just spot check the area first before spraying the entire couch, carpet or other ares.  Alternatively you can use the formula in a fogger.  Read the instruction on your fogger and vacate the room or house while in operation.  Also remove your pets.  It would be a great time to find a nice place to have breakfast.

The yard is the main area your pets pick up these unwanted pests.  There are several things you can do to control them.  One is nematodes.  There are good nematodes and bad ones.  The good ones are the ones that will kill fleas and ticks and leave you, your family and pets alone.  You just put them in a hose sprayer and spray the yard at dusk.  The nematodes need time to work into the grass and elsewhere.  They will die in direct sunlight.
You can also use a cedar spray for the yard.

Unfortunately it is an ongoing battle but there are natural solutions you can use.  You do not need to use toxic pesticides that can make your family and your pets sick.