All Natural Flea & Tick Spray Cedar

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All natural flea and tick spray for dogs, cats and horses.  Kills fleas, ticks, manage and more on contact and repels mosquitoes. Keeping your pets and family toxic chemical free should not have to be hard.  We developed these natural flea and tick products to keep you and your pets toxic free and pest free.

Flea & Tick Treatment and Prevention for Pets and Home

Natural Flea & Tick Treatment Versus Flea & Tick Treatment Using Pesticides

A Dog Named Snowy Flea & Tick spray is a natural alternative to toxic pesticide flea and tick control. Toxic pesticides have been linked to many health problems to both people and pets. Some of the health problems that pesticides have been linked to is cancer, hormone disruption, and more. Pets and children may be more sensitive to these toxic chemicals because they are smaller and come in more contact with these chemicals.

The flea spot treatments and some flea pills may use these toxic pesticides. There have been many reports of dogs having serious reactions and even death to some of these products. Snowy was one that had bad reactions. I discontinued using these products and search for something that was non-toxic for him.

I developed a line A Dog Named Snowy pet products to help protect your family and pets from these toxic chemicals. Using all natural ingredients to help repel and kill flea, ticks and other pests and keep your pets and family away from harmful chemicals. 

One of the main ingredients in A Dog Named Snowy Flea & Tick is cedar oil. We use therapeutic grade cedar oil in all our flea & tick products. Cedar essential oil has been used for hundreds of years to repel and kill fleas & ticks. It is an all natural and a sustainable product. Keeping your family and pets toxic free should not have to be difficult.


Spray a small amount on the back of your dog. See if there is a reaction. If there is no reaction spray while rubbing your hand against the way the coast lays. This will help expose the skin. Do not spray around eyes, nose, mouth and genital area. If your pet moves around a lot then you can alternatively spray a little in your hand and message into your pets skin.

You can reply every few days. A Dog Named Snowy Flea & Tick Spray is great to use before you go on hikes. The product helps repels flea, ticks and mosquitoes.

Product can be used on pet bedding, couches and flooring (just spot check a small area, this product does have water, make sure it does not stain or discolor). Flea and tick control is not just for your dogs. It is also flea and tick control in the house and yard. It is best to have a strong flea and tick control program in place. Here is a short list of things you can do to go a long way to keeping flea and ticks under control giving you and your pets relief.

  • A Dog Named Snowy Flea and Tick Spray for your pets regularly
  • Spray pet bedding
  • Spray flooring, carpet, couches and other areas
  • Spray yards and use nematodes that destroy flea and ticks
  • Bath your pets – fleas do not like water – bathing removes flea droppings as well
  • Brush and use a flea comb (if you can) on your pet to help remove



  • No Toxic pesticides
  • Kills Fleas, eggs and larvae on pets
  • No clove
  • No sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Naturally derived ingredients
  • Safe for pets and families
  • Safe to use on dogs, cats, horses, pet bedding, homes and yards
  • Human grade ingredients
  • Repels and kills on contact
  • Child-safe
  • Cedar oil is from a sustainable and renewable source


Cedar oil is a natural product grown in America and is from sustainable source. Cedar oil works by blocking octopamine in fleas, ticks and other pests. When bad fleas and ticks come in contact with cedar oil they will be repelled or they will die. Octopamine affects the heart rate and nervous system and bad bugs cannot live without it. Octopamine is not found in humans or animals.


Spot check a small area on the back. Make sure there is no sensitivity to the product. Spray your pet while run hands against the hair to expose the skin. Do not saturate. Avoid getting spray in eyes, ears, nose or genital area. If you have a dog or cat that moves around a lot spray a small amount in your hand and rub onto pet. Avoid the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and genital area.

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